Прэти эз э Пикче / Pretty as a Picture (Код: 48)

Хиты: 1559 | Рейтинг:
Цвета стандартов: Персиковый
Цвета фолов: Персиковый
Год интродукции: 2011
Селикционер: Black
Высота: 86
Цена: 130.00 ГРН.
Производитель: Mid-America Garden

(Black '11) A picture is worth a thousand words but even the picture doesn’t convey the depth of color of the falls created by their satiny finish. Pretty As A Picture was tagged for introduction from its first bloom. Mid terra-cotta buff standards are splashed vivid dark orchid over their centers. Falls are mid peachy terra-cotta with paler centers lightly brushed orchid. Lots of ruffles, lace and fat red orange beards complete the picture. Strong stalks have 7-8 buds carried on two branches and spur. Heavy substance helps these beauties withstand bad weather. Exciting possibilities for reverse bicolors. Early-Late 34” (86cm) Sdlg. N84AA: Cameo Appearance X Safari Sunset

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